Want to know how we make our Chocolate Bars?...


  • We hand sort the Beans to ensure only the best ones are used,

  • We roast them which releases a scrumptious chocolate brownie smell,

  • We crack them to release the nib from the shell,

  • We winnow the bean mix, i.e. separate the shell from the nibs (the shells make great fertilizer),

  • We grind the nibs using granite rollers to produce a liquid chocolate,

  • We let the solid block of chocolate settle for weeks which allows lovely flavors to develop,

  • We temper the chocolate to ensure the bar will look great and have a crisp snap,

  • We pour the tempered chocolate in to bars of chocolate,

  • and finally...

  • We package the chocolate bars into resealable bags for you to enjoy when and whenever you like.

Phew...and that's it. 


Why not check out some of our Chocolate making videos.



Did you know??....


that Cocoa Beans are made up of around 50% Cocoa Mass (the brown part) and around 50% Cocoa Butter (the clear liquid part).